Colonia Del Sacramento

Take a day trip to our neighboring country and be transported back centuries among the cobblestones and Portuguese and Spanish colonial buildings.

Historic center. It is a beautiful place that you cannot miss. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. It is a small town full of cobblestones where colonial and postcolonial architecture merges. Don’t forget to take a photo on the Street of Sighs!

Lighthouse. The lighthouse is an icon of the city. It is located on the coast of the Río de la Plata and was built in 1857 on one of the old towers of the Convent of San Francisco. It was used to light the city, control the entry and exit of ships, and as a guide for navigators.

Plaza de Toros de San Carlos. It is an old bullring in Uruguay that takes you back to the old days of bullfighting. With a very Roman architectural style, it is another must-see. It currently functions as a center for cultural and sports events. There is also a winery that is very nice to stop and have a drink with some cheese. Ask about guided tours of the place. Av. Mihanovich 3.

Rambla. The rambla is the path that runs along the city’s waterfront. From there you can enjoy incredible views of the Río de la Plata. People use it to go for walks, run and enjoy the outdoors.

Charco bistró. It is the Charco Hotel restaurant. Located in the historic neighborhood. For lunch or dinner. Excellent service and gastronomy. Saint Peter 116.

A la Pipetuá. Located in a corner of the historic center, they cook paella outdoors, inviting passersby to taste it. It’s very difficult not to be tempted! San Francisco, corner San Pedro.

Queriéndote. Teahouse. Homemade pastries and a variety of loose teas. We recommend the dulce de leche waffle, it is delicious and they make it to you on the spot. 163 Commerce Street.

Casa Viera. Ideal to go to dinner or have a drink. It has a super premium drinks bar. You can cover it. The people who run the place have very good vibes. General Flores 65.

Las Liebres. Restaurant and hotel. An incredible place for lunch, tea or dinner. The landscape it offers is made up of an extensive garden, an organic orchard and a vineyard. Ideal to go to lunch on a nice day and stay to enjoy its landscape. They always invite you to taste a product made by them. Peach jam and olive oil are a delicacy.

And if you stay longer… Don’t miss visiting the Los Cerros de San Juan Winery and taking a getaway to Carmelo.