To make your stay easier, by staying at TPYN you will be able to enjoy the exclusive discount program for guests in restaurants, coffe stores, products and services. When you enter our facilities, the administration staff will provide you with the QR so you can scan it with your cell phone and you can access all our discounts.

We add new benefits all the time!


Bruna. Specialty coffee and artisanal pastries. Breakfasts and Lunches. Juncal 4499, Palermo.

Paxapoga. Spanish cuisine restaurant. Beruti 4643, Palermo.

La Amistad. Grill, homemade pasta and minutes. Juncal 4500, Palermo.

Peru Deli. Peruvian Asian fusion cuisine restaurant. Beruti 4602.

Rosetta. Italian cuisine restaurant. Homemade pizzas and pastas. Av. Santa Fe 1726, Recoleta.

Abra Cultural. Fusion of art and gastronomy. Italian restaurant. Hipólito Yrigoyen 840, Monserrat.


Voce Zapatería. Sale of footwear for men and women. Santa Fe Avenue 4501, Palermo.

Matea. Aromas & Sabores. Sale of mates, herbs, bulbs and accessories. Ayacucho 1530, Recoleta.


Sello Austral. Blind wine tasting, watercolor, jewelry, candle and tarot workshops. All accompanied with wine. Reconquista 1038, Retiro.

Game House. Game house with six escape rooms and sixty minutes to get out. Paraná 1022, Recoleta.

Parking lot. Covered and open 24 hours a day. Parking for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Godoy Cruz 2750, Palermo.