Escape from the city and explore the peace of the Delta Island.
El Tigre is one of the tours that cannot be missed on your visit to Buenos Aires. At TPYN we offer three types of services so you can navigate our river and get lost in the middle of the wild flora and fauna. If you are interested, please consult the administration staff for more information.

Classic Tigre. This boat ride allows you to get to know the famous Delta region to enjoy its natural beauty and the original lifestyle of the locals. Also, the famous Puerto de Frutos that stands out for its beautiful crafts.

Delta Premium. It sails from Puerto Madero to the first section of the Paraná Delta with a duration of approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. Then we visit the main points of the wonderful city of Tigre.

Tigre experience in Kanoo. Sailing the islands is accompanied by a unique gastronomic experience and with the option of hiring a kayak experience with a professional instructor. Upon returning, you navigate the coastal waters towards Puerto Madero enjoying the views of downtown Buenos Aires.