Find different culinary offers to fully savor the city of Buenos Aires.

Happening. We consider it one of the best places to taste Buenos Aires grill. Av. Rafael Obligado 7030, Costanera Norte / Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 310, Puerto Madero. Telephone: +5411 4787 0666 / +5411 4319 8715.

Don Julio. Argentine grill listed as one of the 15 best restaurants in the world in 2022. Guatemala 4691, Palermo. Telephone: +54911 5311 5668.

El Preferido de Palermo. Restaurant with a still life feel and vintage style. Very delicious Buenos Aires food and delicious tapas. Jorge Luis Borges 2108, Palermo. Telephone: +5411 4774 6585 / +54911 2881 2969.

El Burladero. If you like good Spanish food, this is the best place in Buenos Aires. Pte. J.E. Uriburu 1488, Recoleta. Telephone: +54911 3691 2717.

Sagardi. Authentic Basque food and an unbeatable pincho bar. Humberto 1° 319, San Telmo. Telephone: +5411 4361 7348.

La Mar. Exquisite Peruvian food from Gastón Acurio. Arévalo 2024, Palermo. Telephone: +54911 2866 8409.

Tanta. Another proposal for lovers of Peruvian food and also from the hand of Gastón Acurio. Esmeralda 938, Retiro. Telephone: +5411 5530 3000.

Jardín Japonés. Japanese culinary art, delicious sushi and exceptional scenery. Av. Casares 3450, Palermo. Telephone: +54911 2825 2560.

Marti. For vegans, it is one of the best proposals that opened at the end of 2021, by Chef Germán Martitegui, and has a bar for 60 people. Rodríguez Peña 1973, Recoleta. Telephone: +54911 5848 7663.

La Parolaccia. A classic of Italian food that is found in several neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We leave you the details of Palermo (Cerviño 3561, Telephone: +5411 4514 3220), Recoleta (Riobamba 1046, Telephone: +5411 4812 1053) and Puerto Madero (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1052, Telephone: +5411 4343 1679).

El Cuartito. A pizza recommendation could not be missing from this list. If you want good pizza, don’t hesitate to visit El Cuartito. Talcahuano 937, Barrio Norte. Telephone: +5411 4816 4331/1758.

Mercado SOHO. If you liked the San Miguel Market in Madrid or the Chelsea Market in New York, be sure to take a stroll through this food market. Armenia 1744, Palermo.