Buckest List of Argentine Delicacies

Dare to try all or some of these Argentine delicacies.

  1. Asado. Roast is the favorite food for meat fans. There are different cuts of meat: the vacuum, the entrail, the chorizo ​​steak, the center roast, the flag roast, etc. You should ask the waiter which one the house recommends. For good grills visit our gastronomy tip.
  2. Choripan. It is the most popular sandwich in our country. It is a grilled chorizo ​​that is served between two pieces of bread. Ideal to eat before a good barbecue or simply as a plate of food.
  3. Milanesa. There are a lot of ways to make Argentine Milanese. We like the classic one, which basically consists of breaded meat cooked in the oven or fried. It can be accompanied with fries or salad or simply with two pieces of bread and make an exquisite sandwich. The Milanese sandwich fights for position with the choripán.
  4. Empanada. There are different varieties of empanadas: the tucumana, the salteña, the jujeña, the house one, the one cut with a knife, the fried one…; They all fight to be the favorite. We like them all. Take advantage of trying as many as you can. It is an economical, practical and super delicious meal.
  5. Dulce de leche. For sweet lovers, this delicacy is unique. Although they want to assimilate it to the famous “caramel”, it is an attempt that continues to fail. Try a spoonful of dulce de leche and you will understand.
  6. Alfajor. Alfajor is a typical sweet that can be found in many places, in a kiosk, in a supermarket, in a cafe, in a restaurant, etc. The classic is the dulce de leche alfajor. It can also be fruit or chocolate mousse. Now there are more gourmet alfajores such as almond or walnut alfajor. They are all rich.
  7. El mate. Mate is an infusion made with yerba mate leaves. Trying a mate in Argentina is trying part of our tradition. If you have never tried a mate and are interested in living a unique experience, visit our BA Unique Experiences tip: Matea – Aromas & Sabores.
  8. A good glass of wine. We Argentines are lovers of good wine. Our varied wine regions mean that we can enjoy the best strains. In any restaurant or bar you can enjoy a good glass of wine. We recommend the wineries of Mendoza and Salta, above all.
  9. Craft beer. Having a beer is always an excuse to get together with friends. Craft beer is made with natural ingredients. They do not contain artificial additives or preservatives. It has more body, flavor and aroma than an industrial one. It’s worth ordering a pint and trying it.
  10. A delicious coffee. In any neighborhood of Buenos Aires you can find a good coffee. Coffee is part of our local identity. Cafes have always been places of meeting, work, talks and meetings. It is not necessary to go to traditional coffee shops, in any coffee shop in the area you can enjoy the company, aroma and good taste of a coffee.